• Jojo Magnusson

Time To Think...

Recently, I have had more time to think than usual. And this of course leads to writing. In the last few weeks I have been writing a few new songs, which I am itching to record at some point, when things settle down.

Now that I have had a bit of down time, I have gone through half finished poems from last year, and organized them. Mostly, I finish what I write. But now that I have found these half finished ones, I am going to bring them to completion, one by one. I put them in my back pack, along with a note pad and pens, and head down to the Bay, to find a solitary spot to sit and write. Sometimes it comes quickly. Sometimes I wait for a long while for it to come to me. So, it's best to also stuff a sandwich in the back pack, in case it takes a while for the right words to strike me.

About Me

I just woke up one day and decided it’s time! It’s time to publish my songs! I’m an indie song writer, living in San Francisco, who is self-publishing songs that I’ve recorded with talented musicians from around the SF Bay Area. My music has it’s roots in mainstream jazz, but it has my unique personal stamp on it. I didn’t reinvent the wheel, I just let the wheel roll into a new landscape. My lyrics are seldom “regular love songs”, they are stories about various characters, their lives, and their situations. The songs I’ve written are general mix of traditional swing, California bossa nova, and occasional ballads...


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