• Jojo Magnusson

The Journey Of A Song, "Here Come The Clouds"

It's been a lot of work to make this song happen. A lot of fun work, that is. Often I say that I am on a journey, but actually, each song is also on a journey in itself. From conception, to published release, is a long journey, indeed.

Writing out the lyrics in my note book.

This song started with a feeling I had in my heart, that I just couldn't shake. The feeling had to come out, and it manifested itself as a melody with the words for the chorus. (Often, for me, the chorus comes first.) I wrote it down. The chorus kept ringing in my head, over and over for two days. Then I realized that I had to sit down and complete the verses. It usually comes to me when I'm outdoors. Bringing a note pad when hiking is a necessity. Then when I came home I wrote out the melody by the piano.

Copying the charts when preparing for recording day.

I actually recorded this song twice. The first arrangement didn't sound anything similar to the final version, but sometimes you just have to be willing to try a few things. The final version of the song truly captured the emotion I felt that day, when I wrote those first lines. It moved me out of those clouds that I was trying to describe. I felt healed.

This will be published very soon, and I can't wait to hear what responses people will have.


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